About Us

What We Stand For

At TeeTurtle, these three core values = life! They are our guiding principles when it comes to making decisions, how we treat each other, and what we create as a company.

If the following sounds like you in a nutshell, we can’t wait to meet you!


“Because our passion for progress outweighs our fear of failure, we always choose to listen actively, seek opportunities to learn, and challenge accepted thinking in the pursuit of long-term growth.”

“Because we believe there is never a reason to compromise on our ethics, we always choose to do what we believe is right, even when faced with consequences, opposition or compelling reasons to do what is easy.”

“Because we believe every person is undeniably, inherently valuable, we always choose to act with empathy, lean into vulnerability, take care of ourselves, and celebrate the successes of others.”

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • 401(k)
  • On-Site Fitness Center
  • Employee Discount

"We are a bunch of kids at heart having a great time because every one of us is passionate about what we do and we believe in the company and the product"

Ramy Badie
Founder, CEO