Welcome to TeeTurtle! Our mission is to create products that bring people together, promote self-expression, and foster genuine moments of delight.  We began as a t-shirt company in 2012, when our founder, CEO, and head turtle, Ramy Badie, began selling his award-winning designs as adorable, funny, pop culture t-shirts. Today, TeeTurtle makes apparel, toys, and games, and features both in-house designs and licensed characters from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars. We are also the original creator of the Reversible Octopus Plushies that have gone viral on TikTok! Ever heard of the game Unstable Unicorns? Well, that’s us too! It won the 2019 People’s Choice Award from the Toy of the Year Awards, and we are so proud and pleased with the joy it has brought to people.

We are a team of creators down to our core, and we let the values of curiosity, compassion, community, and integrity serve as our guiding principles. These values have helped us at every turn while collaborating with one another, pushing our creative limits, and building our brand. As an LGBTQ-owned company, we strive to be kind and inclusive to all of our customers. We also donate to companies whose causes we believe in, including the American Cancer Society, The Toy Foundation, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and The Trevor Project.

What began as a one-man operation in a tiny Baltimore apartment has now grown to a company with two corporate locations and over two million products sold worldwide. We now employ upwards of 80 creators, all of whom collaborate on our completely original toys, games, and t-shirts.

About Us

What We Stand For

At TeeTurtle, these four core values are our Jedi Code. They guide our decisions, how we treat each other, and what we create as a company. 

If the following sounds like you in a nutshell (or more accurately, a turtle shell), we can’t wait to meet you. 


is about connecting with creativity and tapping into our playful nature. It allows us to see
with new eyes and opens us to fresh ideas, even for things we do every day. By practicing curiosity, we can let go of assumptions and find opportunities to learn and grow.


is about finding the empathy and humility within to help us overcome tendencies
toward perfectionism, shame, and blame. It reminds us to take the time to understand the perspectives of others rather than focus on what is right or wrong. By practicing compassion, we can soften our edges and be kinder to ourselves and those around us.


is about doing what we believe is right, even when faced with consequences, opposition,
or a compelling reason to do what is easy. It requires us to set clear boundaries and hold ourselves and others accountable. By practicing integrity, we can consistently live in line with our values instead of hiding behind them.


is about bringing perspective to complicated situations without reacting to heightened emotions. It gives us the option to take a breath and determine if we have all the information we need to make a decision rather than operating from a place of fear or anger. By practicing calmness, we can manage our anxieties, build confidence and trust, and inspire our teams during stressful times.

Perks & Benefits

A selection of what we have to offer

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision
  • Employee Discount
  • 401(k)

"We are a bunch of kids at heart having a great time because every one of us is passionate about what we do and we believe in the company and the product."

Ramy Badie
Founder, CEO